Saturday, 24 February 2018

Affordable homes by DDA in L Zone Dwarka

We cannot lay enough emphasis on how homes are important for each one of us. We have a dream home that we long to buy and that does take years owing to the high property rates. When we speak of New Delhi, the perfect homes come with a hefty price and that restricts a huge segment from being able to purchase a home. The Delhi Development Authority has come up with a master development plan that they wish to complete by 2021. The Land Pooling Policy of the DDA lists a few areas in Delhi that have space availability and can be turned to a smart zone with good commercial and residential properties. The homes in these listed areas will be affordable, as the rates will be controlled by the DDA.

L Zone Dwarka will soon be a smart zone

The L Zone Dwarka is one of the are as that are on priority and the Delhi Development Authority is working its way towards making the area a smart zone. When we talk of a smart zone, the first thing that strikes is the connectivity and development status of the particular area. The L Zone has great space, so a number of properties are undergoing construction and will be ready as per the DDA’s plan. It is the best time to invest in a smart home as the rates are at an all time low and this is an excellent opportunity for people to get homes in a budget. Once, the properties are ready and the area gains enough recognition, the property rates will rise and at that, the ones who did not buy homes will only regret.

DDA has put trust in a few builders

The Delhi Development Authority has put its trust in the builders of north. The builder groups are coming up with luxury properties that have all new facilities that will help aid a comfortable life. The rates are all controlled by the government and they will ensure that the people get the best homes in a budget. 

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